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How we Work

Since we are considered to be one of the best Interior design companies in Dubai, we can assure you that your hard earned money will not be wasted again on an interior design that lacks the WOW impact.

Our portfolio consists of our works on home remodeling, ceiling design, Office interior design, Villa decoration and more. This stands testimony to the quality of services. We use highest quality materials and latest technologies to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Discussion and Idea

Unlike other interior design Dubai based companies, we never start a project without discussing the project in detail with the client. Our professional interior designers will visit the site in person and then discuss things like - what your plans or dreams are, what your likes and dislikes are etc. We always encourage our customers to share images from web or magazine as it helps us understand the requirements better. Once we are done with the initial analysis, we come up with the idea, set up the priorities and give our client a rough idea about the project cost. Read More

Floor Plan

This is the 2nd most important step of home or office interior designing.After carefully analyzing your requirements, our interior designers come up with a floor plan that provides you with accurate measurement of net square footage, cabinet footprints, doorways, walls and more. In short, our floor plan will give you a brief idea about how the interior is going to look like when finished. Our meticulously designed floor plan will help you envision the interior and it will help you to come up with some suggestions that will be more than happy to incorporate in our interior design plan. We use the following techniques radiosity, raytracing, rasterization, scanline and more to ensure that you have a better understanding of the floor plan. Read More

3D Modeling

The 3rd phrase of our interior designing service starts with converting the entire concept into 3d. We have the best 3d designing professionals who will render the concept into 3d so that you can take a virtual tour of the proposed design and give us your feedback. Our 3d modeling service helps us cut down on confusion by allowing our clients to form a solid idea what we are planning to do. We make changes into the design based on the client’s feedback and let them take a virtual tour of the interior once again to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients. Read More


Once you are done having a virtual tour and happy with the proposed plan, our interior designers swing into action. Unlike other Interior design services providers, we do not unnecessarily delay project. We hate the idea of procrastination. Since our interior designers are equipped with latest technology and have worked on numerous projects beforehand, we can always assure you that we will not make any kind of compromise on the quality front. Our employees give finishing touches to the design to increase its aesthetic appeal. We cut down on the bells and whistles from the final outcome to make it appear simple yet elegant. Read More


Before we handover the project for your consideration, we always humbly request you to take a look of the interior and if you still think there should be some modifications needed, we will be more than happy to incorporate those modifications. We are never in a hurry to complete the project. Rather we work hard to ensure that the interior suits your requirements and exceed your expectations.