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Architectural Lightening Design

Our architectural lightening design professionals create interior and exterior environments that are good enough to enhance the human experience to achieve both impressive exterior and interior design that perfectly suits with latest trends in Dubai – UAE as well as traditional style. We believe that lightening systems are one of the most important parts of any building design. They should be amazingly and aesthetically appealing and must offer suitable environments for the people of almost all ages and different preferences and tastes.

We specialize in providing the most appropriate kind of lightening with reliable, long life and minimum energy consumption to ensure energy efficiency. We are adept in creating the most sustainable and the best elegant solutions that are capable of providing not only the environment but also suits our clients' budgets.

Here is what you can expect from us.

Conceptual design

It includes schematic lightening design and daylight systems, renderings, design structures, preliminary plans, cost estimation and other specifications. You can trust our conceptual designs as we are one of the trusted interior fit out companies in Dubai.

Design development

We are also capable of providing the working drawings along with the specifications for the commercial projects on the go. It should further include sealed energy forms as well as engineer's stamps.

Working drawings

This may include addition of windows, enlarging rooms, moving doorways, raising ceilings, etc. our efforts are enough to make a good positive change between what you call a nice interior and an outstanding fitout.

We also work with the dedicated and professional electrical engineers along with some talented audio and video consultants for the larger projects. They help us complete the projects according to the plans and the specifications as decided in order to ensure that everything is in place and going in the best way.

Construction administration

We do follow on through the projects that have been assigned to us by offering the construction administration that further includes the job site visits and the shop drawings review, change order requests, RFI response and several other duties that are required for the completion of the construction projects.

Focusing and the commissioning

Our job requires us to pay constant focus and we can say that the modern lightening systems such as the Led lightening also do require careful adjustments so that optimum performance can be guaranteed without much fuss. We offer architectural lightening design services to the hotels, stores, hospitals, offices, villas as well as various other facilities that require artistic or attractive lighting.

We not just adjust lights but also set the dimming systems and take care of the installation process in order to ensure that our efforts can lead to not just a compete but also an attractive project. Our focus is also on the achievement of the optimal energy efficiency.

Our clients also do keep asking us to offer them unique architectural lightening design services that also include the ones carrying the technical requirements. You can call us in case you expect any demanding requirements from us.

Our Clients