How do the 3D Wall Panels bring Luxury look in a Living Room

How do the 3D Wall Panels bring Luxury look in a Living Room

A living room is the most important and most used space in a home, it is where families spend most of the time together, and you can entertain your guests and have a great family time in this space. The interior decoration of a living room is the most prominent interior in the entire home. It is basically the centre of a home, you sit here, watch TV and Movies, play games and multimedia and have guests, parties and a lot more. The interior of a living room should be the best, the sofa, the couches, centre table, decoration pieces, vases, flowers, lightings and everything else will make an impression on the guests and friends and also on the family too. People most often neglect the walls, but your living room walls can boost your decorating efforts a lot, they are the largest places that are occupied with a design or decoration so they always dominate the rest of the interior. The 3D wall panels are an excellent choice when it comes to adding luxury, class and elegance to your living room interior.

Wall panels are a remarkable technology, they are available in so many different shapes, sizes and designs. Your living room can get a very warm, welcoming and beautiful look with wall panelling. The flexibility in the design and installation even make them more attractive to the eye, they are the most noticeable thing in your entire interior. You can protect walls, hide dull walls or hide the flaws of your walls and give them a premium look and finishing with 3D wall panels. Not only the walls, but these decorations on the wall will make the entire living room more luxurious and premium.

PVC 3D Panels


PVC is a very easy to manufacture and mould yet very strong material. It provides protection to the walls, and it requires very little maintenance. Comparing to any other material, the PVC is long-lasting, don’t lose colour or shape and very easy to maintain. The 3D Panels are designed with 3-dimensional patterns, designs and shapes on them. Which indeed look very premium and luxurious in a living room.

Wood 3D Panel



Wood 3D Panels and wall cladding are very sustainable and beautiful. The natural aspects of the look don’t only leave soothing effects on the eyes but also add excellent value to the interior. The wall panels bring luxury, durability, beauty, exclusivity and a premium look to your living room.

3D Gypsum Wall Panels


3D Gypsum wall panels are an excellent way to bring contemporary art masterpieces to our regular daily experience. The wall cladding comes in different shapes, sizes and colours, you can choose from floor to ceiling or a particular area of the wall, or you can design your TV background wall with the 3D Gypsum wall panels with their unique, elegant, luxurious and futuristic interior look and feel for your living room or any other area of the house.

Leather 3D Wall Panels

If you want a very premium and luxurious outlook for your living room you can go with the leather 3D wall panels. These are expensive, need a little bit of extra care and maintenance, and are very luxurious, elegant and expensive-looking wall claddings options available in the market. Comparing to any other 3D wall panel the leather 3D wall panels are the most highly ranked in the interior designing market. A slight touch of wooden furniture and other decorative items could transform your living room into a palace. If you don’t mind extravagance decorate your living room with leather 3D wall panels. Enjoy a long-lasting classy interior with a very unique sense of luxury and elegance while relaxing with your family and friends in your living room.

Concrete & Stone 3D Wall Panels

Concrete & Stone based looks with 3D wall panels is very easy, simpler, and decorative. No need to worry about the expense and imperfections of the actual concrete and stonework, the 3D wall panels can provide a huge variety of different looks and feels of actual concrete and stonework without the huge investments and other problems related to the actual concrete and stone decorative work. The final finishing brings luxury, exclusivity, beauty and natural feels to your living room.

No matter what type of 3D wall panels you use, the excellent finish and a vast variety of different designs, colours, textures and styles will transform your living room by making it more luxurious, comfortable, elegant and classy. The modular built ensures the final finishing looks great and flawless. Glow Interiors is a professional interior designing service in Dubai, UAE. If you need a quote or want to discuss your requirements please feel free to reach us through our Contact Us page

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